Installing Mono on Ubuntu

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11 Jun 2010

Here is a bash script to automatically download, compile and install Mono on Ubuntu. It installs Mono Should this be outdated, you can simply modify the install script to download the latest files.

A word of warning: This script will remove any previous installations of Mono done via apt-get. This means that existing Mono applications may cease to function or be removed entirely.

Before we begin, make sure you’re running with root privileges:

$ sudo bash

Then let’s download the script from my blog:

$ wget

Before we can execute the script, we need to give the file execute permissions:

$ chmod 700

Now we can execute the script:

$ ./

The script will now go off and do all the bits that it needs to install Mono. This may take a good couple of minutes.

You will still need to configure apache2, so use the rest of the instructions on this page: Install Mono 2.4 on Ubuntu

If you have any issues with the script, let me know in the comments.


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