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One of the issues my workplace has been dealing with over the past several months has been intermittent slow performance of long running processes. In several cases it was impacting the entire company until the long running process had completed, it was doing pessimistic locking on reading data, causing deadlocks, and running really really slow. […]

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Justin is a Senior Software Engineer living in Brisbane. A Polyglot Developer proficient in multiple programming languages including [C#, C/C++, Java, Android, Ruby..]. He's currently taking an active interest in Teaching Kids to Code, Functional Programming, Robotics, 3D Printers, RC Quad-Copters and Augmented Reality.

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Software Engineering is an art form, a tricky art form that takes as much raw talent as it does technical know how. I'll be posting articles on professional tips and tricks, dos and donts, and tutorials.

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